Companies who manufacture space instrumentation (including satellites themselves) have to subject their products to Prototyping, Flight Qualification, and Flight Verification phases. Before launch, the products must experience space-like temperatures and vacuum levels, and be shown not only to survive the extreme ranges, but also to operate within specification before, during, and after. Space Simulation Chambers are key to these tests, and Abbess Instruments of Holliston, is one of the few companies in the world with the capability to manufacture them.

Abbess Instruments has a wide portfolio of Space Simulation Test systems capable of simulating a variety of space vacuums (pressures ≤10-4 Torr) … with or without heat and/or cooling. Please refer to our Altitude & Atmosphere Test Systems page for required testing pressures limited to ≥10-4 Torr (altitudes of up to 100,000 ft / 19miles/30km).

Our Space Simulation Test Chambers come with or without thermal plates.

Featured Products:

Thermal Satellite Testing Vacuum Chamber
Satellite Testing Vacuum Systems engineered and built for the satellite industry. These systems can be customized for your desired test procedure. The inner Thermal Shroud can be coated with AeroGlaze® to further improve your testing environment.
Abbess Thermal Vacuum and Solar Simulation Chamber Systems are designed and produced for use in laboratory production and testing applications requiring an exposure to or process within a controlled vacuum environment at specific temperature involving solar simulation.
Abbess Instruments has a wide portfolio of Test systems capable of simulating a variety of space vacuums … with or without heat and/or cooling.
Complex thermal vacuum chamber used for space/altitude testing
Multi-plate thermal vacuum systems are built to customer specifications, testing requirements, and budget.
Figure 2: Complex Space Simulation System with Thermal Shroud, PC Touch Screen Control, Twin Turbos, Viewport, and Mobile Cart.
This custom high vacuum chamber with thermal inserts is capable of being used as a large-scale space simulation/thermal vacuum chamber.
This system allows articles under test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum pressure as well as various temperatures via the heated and cooled Thermal Plate Assembly. A Thermal Vacuum Cycle Controller (TVCC) is used to automate and control functions.
This 48 inch cube system (thermal vacuum chamber) allows items placed inside to be exposed to vacuum down to 10^-7 Torr. A Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC) is used to automate control functions.
The Abbess Thermal Vacuum Chamber System shown allows Article(s) Under Test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum (10e-8 range) as well as heated and cooled via conductive contact with the Gold Plated Copper Thermal Plate.
Front View2-Multimode Thermal Vacuum Chamber
The Abbess Multimode Thermal Vacuum Chamber System serves as the flexible platform for a range of thermal vacuum testing and experimentation methods. Multimode is cooling using 2 different methods.
Inside of chamber
Replicate atmospheric conditions within the vacuum chamber system. This vacuum chamber sytem is ideal for space simulation testing. 6 heated and cooled thermal plates.

 For altitude testing without thermal components, see our Altitude & Atmosphere Testing Systems.

 For temperature control systems, see our Thermal Vacuum Chambers.

Space Simulation Test Systems:
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