-96C Cascade Refrigeration System

Abbess has the expertise in designing and manufacturing ultra-low temperature refrigeration units to fit a wide range of needs in science and industry. Abbess’s Cascade Refrigeration Systems are the most powerful closed loop cooling systems that Abbess offers. These systems eliminate the high running cost of liquid nitrogen(LN2) systems by efficiently reaching temperatures as low as -96C. This Cascade Refrigeration System can be configured to incorporate any thermal load including those offered by Abbess such as a thermal plate, finned heat exchanger … Read More

Vacuum Cold Trap, -80°C Using Cascade Refrigeration System

A Vacuum Cold Trap precipitates materials to ensure purity and reduce contamination in your process. The Abbess Instruments Vacuum Cold Trap is designed to precipitate vapors like water and other perceptible materials from gas streams developed in a vacuum processing or drying operation. Products or articles under vacuum may evolve vapors that can compromise the product or vacuum system components. The Cold Trap is used to filter the exiting gases of water, alcohol or other perceptible materials, in order to … Read More