Wide Temperature Range Cryostats (CTC-2V)

Wide Temperature Range Cryostats (CTC-2V)

The CTC-2V is a custom designed water moisture sorption chamber. This cryostat allows a micro or other balance to measurement of changes in a sample’s weight due to the absorption, adsorption or desorption of moisture or gases in a controlled environment.

This cryostat CTC-2V is very useful in moisture analysis.

Standard Features:

  • Temperature range of -196°C to 600°C +/-1.5 degrees control
  • Sample space can be pressurized to 95 PSI.
  • Sample space may be filled with active or inert atmospheres
  • Sample space may be fully evacuated
  • KF or VCO vacuum flange to microbalance
  • 1.50″ maximum sample tube diameter
  • KF or VCO vacuum port flange
  • Indirect cooling by LN2 cryogen
  • Tube wall type heat exchanger for heating sample
  • Replaceable temperature sensors, heaters, and hermetic feed-throughs
  • Fully vacuum jacketed 4″ OD tail section
  • Cryogenic transfer line for connection to a standard commercial LN2 dewar
  • Set-up and basic operation manual

Optional System Items

Wide Temperature Range Cryostats (CTC-2V)

Wide Temperature Range Cryostats (CTC-2V)

  • Ramp and hold type temperature and heater power controller complete with cable set for RS232 computer interface and sample VBasic interface software
  • Low Temperature Gas or Liquid Supply System (LTSS)

If you do not need a complete package or you need other features not listed here, please contact us so that we can modify a quotation for you.